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World Transformation Movement

World Transformation Movement: A new cult?

If you’ve read my other blog on the human condition you’ll know I don’t much like the World Transformation Movement (WTM) and Jeremy Griffiths work. Why do I take umbrage at him?

I dislike the manner in which his books are written. The fact that he claims there is a single truth to the Human Condition. That his books, his movement will save the world. I also dislike that his writing style is designed to brainwash and beguile.


Not Fair

Is it fair that he should play on people’s anxieties? Is it fair that he should seduce people with his repetition?

If only it were so easy that a book could save the world.

I’m all for action and a belief that humanity is not that bad. But I don’t want to join a movement and pay a fee. Especially for something that seems cult like.

Cult like because of its dogmatic insistence on a singular truth. A truth you must accept before you belong. Cult like because Jeremy portrays’ himself as a new Messiah, here to save us from our impending doom.


No easy answer

This site was inspired partly to counter those like Jeremy’s. It doesn’t convey a singular truth. It doesn’t offer easy answers. And it gives credence to different viewpoints. It does not expect to save the world. Although it hopes in some small way to add to it. Make it better than it was before.

I’m not sure we need a movement and brainwashing book like Jeremy’s. Just recognition that, small things – for better or worse – add up to that state of the world. And it’s worth always trying to be our best.

Regarding truth, there are no easy answers. Natural contingency dominates our lives. Good things happen to bad people. Reason and knowledge and morals are ways to fight back.


About the World Transformation Movement, Matt, Sep 2016


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  1. REPLY
    David Munn says

    I was once a life-member of the Centre for Humanity’s Adulthood, which is what eventually transformed into the World Transformation Movement. Since then I’ve become a critic of Griffith’s ideas. I’ve gained a lot from them, but I’ve gained it by wrestling with them critically. Having come to them from a position of despair, desperately wanting them to be the answer, I had to try to come to an alternative approach to understanding the human condition. Along the way I published some ebooks of my own under the pseudonym Joe Blow, of which the most popular is How to Be Free. But I’ve also critiqued Griffith’s books. I’d like to engage in debate with supporters of those ideas, but it is hard to get any response from them to my critiques. You can find my reviews of Griffith’s books on Amazon under another pseudonym – Aussiescribbler – as well as many comments I’ve made on reviews of Freedom by fans and critics. And on my blog I have posted a long critique of Freedom as well as an article called Can Dogma Drive Out Dogma : The Case Against Jeremy Griffith and the World Transformation Movement :

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