There are all sorts of costs with running a website. Server hosting, the domain name, cost of the web design, assistance when things go wrong…there’s also the cost of the books I read to get the information for the site. And the prescription glasses I need for tired eyes.

I’ve tried to place any adverts in a way that is not too obvious, in your face, or detracts from the site design. More importantly, I have only picked companies that I have used all my life and that I have thoroughly researched and trust. News, health, education, books are things people should invest in and I’d rather they did so through these companies than others.

If you have alternate ideas or want to comment feel free to write to me at matt@meaningoflife.lifeThanks, Matt (Editor)

The Economist

The Economist is one of the most comprehensive, reliable, least biased form of news. It has unparalleled depth on international and national issues. At 90 pages and 70,000 words every week, however, it’s not suitable for everyone.

This site was partly inspired by bringing the quality of Economist’s news to an audience that wants to stay informed but doesn’t want to spend 10-20 hours a week reading about it.

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Xtend Life

After extensive research I have concluded that Xtend life have the best health and skin the best products on the market. They don’t pay for advertisements and marketing and rely on word of mouth for sales, this means they are cheaper than their competitors.

If you research their ingredients, you’ll not find any company cheaper on a gram for gram basis of the key ingredients. The ingredients they use are always the ones that are proven to have a good effect. Hint: their products works so well you can use them sparingly and save money.

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I have no great affiliation to Amazon, but I use them because they are convenient and reliable. I’m not sure they are an ethical company, but as far as I know they are not unethical. I don’t think their tax policy is the greatest, but I think it’s up to government to sort out, not companies.

Amazon are who I use to get my own books. Much of this site was written on books I ordered there. Many of them for a penny. I’ve had so many second hand books that were in good quality for a penny (plus postage) that I seldom buy  full cost books now. My advice would be to do the same.