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There is sometimes talk of being at one with the universe, which I have to confess I’ve never understood. With nature I can understand, who doesn’t enjoy signs of successful life?

Of the ebb and flow of seasons, of raindrops and cloudy skies. Of birds and wind and sunshine and all the things that make life seems worthwhile.

But the universe?

One contemplates it with awe and horror. Awe at its vastness, strangeness and beauty. Terror at its vastness, strangeness and beauty. The latter of which is an alien beauty. Alien at least to this planet.

How can we be at one with such a strange landscape?

Yet there is one way we are, for all of us are made of stars.

Not figuratively, although that may be true as well. I’m sure you are a star.  But literally.

You are made of stars. Dead ones to be precise.



Explosions billions of years ago created the heavy atoms which make up your body. Science confers that this is the only way to make them.

In the dense pressure of large supernova explosions hydrogen and helium compress to form the heavier elements. The elements essential to life, to the formation of planets and to you being here to read this.

So there you have it, you really are a star. And you are part of the universe.



Stardust, Matt, Oct 2016

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