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Join a community dedicated to a world where humanity is more in harmony with nature, less materialistic, less driven, more perceptive, more in touch with its’ creative energies, and able to form strong communities of more authentic individuals. Meet like minded individuals in pursuit of the good life and help make a difference to the world.

Open Source

All Essays and article are open source. Contribute to creating a site that those looking for meaning in life will find as a useful guide..

Inner Satisfaction

The satisfaction that come from seeing the world as it is and choosing to live your own authentic life.


Join a community of open minded liberal people, who are proud to face the world courageously while holding out for their ideals of a better one.

Influence the world

Influence local or national politics, your local community or even just your neighbors.


There's so much trash out there, sometimes trash masquerading as a satire of trash. Join a community committed to providing authentic information that will help people live stronger better lives.

Influence Brexit

If you are in London, join us for weekly meetings to discuss how we can influence the post Brexit debate in the UK.

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Join our open source editing team and help us write essays, blogs, news articles and book reviews, as well as read and respond to members and readers comments. As part of the team you’ll meet similar, like minded people all dedicated to making the world a better place.
Become a member and join a community of individuals who want to live authentic lives contributing to making the world a better place. There’s no cost to join, just fill out the volunteer form and you’ll instantly be in touch with hundreds of people all dedicated to the same goals.

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