Ethical Consumerism

At Meaning for Life we believe in ethical consumerism. This doesn’t mean we believe that consumerism and capitalism are bad. In fact we find it quite pleasing that there are thousands of companies competing to innovate and reduce cost in everything from insurance to toothpaste. They are providing many products and services that people need.

It is when advertising and consumerism convince people to buy things that they don’t need that we take offence. We also recognize that purchasing power is a way to vote, a way to make a choice. Small changes in purchasing habits can make a big lifestyle difference. And a difference to the planet.

We evaluate all products listed on this site according to their social and environmental impact. As well as product sustainability and impact on animals. We only list the best products and services. Ones we’ve researched and are happy to promote.



Cycling is not only good for you, it’s a carbon-free form of transport. And cutting out the costs of a car from your annual budget can help save money. Be green, get fit and cut costs all at the same time. In this section we collate information on the best value and most ethical bikes you can buy.

If you can’t do without your car why not think about switching to a more environmentally friendly model. There are loads of fuel efficient cars on the road that could save you a fortune in petrol costs as well as CO2. Take a look at which models are greenest.



Travel is an integral part of growing up. Seeing the way other cultures live, think and behave is important to appreciating the many commonalities and differences between human cultures. Real travel is different from tourism, it involves knowledge – a crucial distinction.

A traveler is an active being, they go to look and see, to be taught, to sympathise and understand. In this section we have collated the best of the webs resources on travel, which we hope will help contribute to providing meaningful experiences.



Education holds the key to self-improvement, but it can be hard to know what to study and with which provider. Here we provide a guide to the best free and paid for online education providers.



Choosing how to spend your time working maybe one of the most important and most difficult decisions you make. Look here for companies and resources that could be of use.

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Learning a language can be time consuming and difficult. Nevertheless, happiness reward the activity of trying even if you don’t succeed. Here we review the best of the on-line resources

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Clothes are something we all need and it can be tough to find a balance between fashion, price and ethics. 


Baby and Children

Balancing ethics and cost can be tough when you have a child. Here we provide the best of our research to help you do so. 

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Health and Beauty

Spending on health and appearance can be important consumer choices. Look for products that mix both value for money and ethics.



It’s hard to imagine living without some form of computing these days, but what do you know about there supply chains?

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Audio Visual

Cameras, TVs, MP3 and Video are all covered in this section. We cover human and environmentally friendly products.



Which is the most ethical mobile phone brand? We report on the best buys and what to avoid. 

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The best appliances are energy and cost efficient. We cover Fridge Freezers, Microwave Ovens, Cookers and Washing Machines.