In Why Grow Up, the latest volume in the Philosophy in Transit series, world-renowned philosopher Susan Neiman looks at growing up as an ideal with urgent relevance today.

Becoming an adult today can seem a grim prospect. Growing up means renouncing most of the hopes and dreams of your youth. It also means resigning yourself to ‘reality’. To a life that will be a pale dilution of the adventurous, important and enjoyable life you once expected. But who wants to do any of that?

No wonder we live in a culture of rampant immaturity, when maturity looks so boring.

This is internationally-renowned philosopher Susan Neiman’s argument in this short and to the point book. Lightly and delicately, Neiman explores the cultural forces arrayed against maturity. Furthermore she shows how philosophy can help us want to grow up.

Discussing childhood, adolescence, sex, and culture, she asks how the idea of travel can help us build a model of maturity that makes growing up a good option and leaves space in our culture for grown-ups.

And she refutes the widespread belief that the best time of your life is the decade between sixteen and twenty-six.

Growing up is an ideal.

One that is rarely achieved in its entirety; but all the more worth striving for. Read this book to find out how.

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