The Future of Liberalism is an exciting and passionate study of liberal thought and a must read. Alan Wolfe is one of America’s leading political scholars and his welcome and readable book lays out what he thinks liberalism really amounts to and why it demands support.

Liberal politics, on his account, is rooted in a view of what matters in a human life. It has a long and good tradition, which Wolfe lightly introduces us to. With his deft hand he expertly explains how thinkers like Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill helped shape liberal philosophy. Further showing how that tradition continues today.

Because of its kind conception of human nature and its belief that people outweigh ideology. Its passion for social justice; faith in reason; intellectual openness; and respect for the individual. It is liberalism that can teach us how to live life and that is best able to govern. It is also liberalism that we need for equality

And we see how the liberal tradition can influence and illuminate today’s debates, most especially on immigration, abortion, executive power, religious freedom, and free speech.

Wolfe also makes it clear that to apply to modern problems the recovery of liberalism is first required. His book is a must read for anyone who want to understand why they should be liberal and what that belief entails.

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