In ‘Stumbling on Happiness’ Professor Daniel Gilbert combines psychology, neuroscience, economics with philosophy to how  the human brain imagines its future. And how it gets it wrong.

A renowned psychologist and winner of the Royal Society of Science Prize 2007, Gilbert shows us how – and why – the majority of us have no idea how to make ourselves happy.

We all want to be happy, but do we know how? When it comes to improving tomorrow at the expense of today, we’re terrible at predicting how to please our future selves. We have no real idea what our future selves will enjoy.

Revealing some of the amazing secrets of human motivation, he also answers thought-provoking questions. Why do dining companions order different meals instead of getting what they want? Why are shoppers happier when they can’t get refunds? And why are couples less satisfied after having children while insisting that their kids are a source of joy?

Let professor Gilbert takes you on a tour of the human brain and the science of being happy. After reading it you won’t be the same.

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