The Meaning of Things: Applying Philosophy to life

Thinking about life, what it means and what it holds in store does not have to be a sad experience. In fact it can be rather can be helpful and uplifting. A life worth living is one that is informed and considered. A degree of philosophical insight into the certainties of the human condition is important. Such an approach can help us to deal with real personal dilemmas.

Based on A. C. Grayling’s ‘The Last Word’ column in the Guardian Newspaper, this is a simple and thought-provoking series of linked commentaries. Its aim is not to persuade readers to accept one theoretical point of view or theory, but to use the world’s rich history of philosophical thought to present a variety of insights

Concepts covered include courage, love, betrayal, ambition, cruelty, wisdom, passion, beauty and death. This is a wonderful book to read. It’s especially valuable as a guide about what is important in living life.  Whatever you’re facing in life – success, failure, justice, wrong, love, loss, Grayling’s philosophy can help.

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